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Vampire Awareness

With Halloween fast approaching, I figured it might be a good time to talk about vampires.  I’m not talking about the fictitious kind, or even the animated kind.  I’m talking about vampire power.  It’s real, and it’s lurking in classrooms, offices, and even your bedroom.

Vampire power is all the electricity your various devices draw when they’re not in use.  If you want a visual representation of this, turn off all the lights in your bedroom or living room tonight and look for anything that is still lit up.  Those devices (stereos, TVs, laptops) are all sucking up power.  Even things that aren’t lit up, like cell phone or laptop chargers, can draw power when they are left plugged into the wall.  Many new devices are designed to use less than one watt in standby or turned off, but if you’ve got some old electronics hanging around, then you’ve got vampires.

The good news is there’s an easy fix.  You can unplug chargers and other devices when not in use.  If they are hard to reach, you can use a power strip to shut off several devices at once.  There are even smart power strips that can be operated by occupancy sensors or remote controls (or even shut off automatically when you turn one reference device off).  You may have vampires now, but you can banish them forever with minimal effort.


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